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Staples VR

Staples VR

in Youtube 360 Video Production, Facebook 360 Video Production, Pre Production, 3D CGI Animation, VR Post Production, Virtual Reality (VR) Production, 360 Media, Equipment Hire, Headsets / Head-Mounted Displays, Volumetric VR, VR Photogrammetry, 360 Rigs, Augmented Reality (AR) Production, VR / AR / MR / 360 Media Marketing / PR, Live Streaming, 360 Video, 360 video hardware

Staples VR are a VR and 360 video production studio. We specialise in VR live capture. We offer our clients a professional end to end solution with a fully equipped Nuke Post production studio and cutting edge spatial audio mixing and sound design.



in Volumetric Video Software, AR app development company, Volumetric VR

Humense is a communication network and Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platform. Our lead product is volumetric video.

ClickView Productions

ClickView Productions

in Live Streaming, 360 Video, Education / Courses

Producer and distributor of curriculum-relevant educational videos via our ClickView subscription library to schools, universities and TAFE's in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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