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Scott O'Brien

Scott O'Brien

in CEO - Founder - Co Founder

CEO & Co Founder of Humense - Augmented Reality + Volumetric Video

Staples VR

Staples VR

in Youtube 360 Video Production, Facebook 360 Video Production, Pre Production, 3D CGI Animation, VR Post Production, Virtual Reality (VR) Production, 360 Media, Equipment Hire, Headsets / Head-Mounted Displays, Volumetric VR, VR Photogrammetry, 360 Rigs, Augmented Reality (AR) Production, VR / AR / MR / 360 Media Marketing / PR, Live Streaming, 360 Video, 360 video hardware

Staples VR are a VR and 360 video production studio. We specialise in VR live capture. We offer our clients a professional end to end solution with a fully equipped Nuke Post production studio and cutting edge spatial audio mixing and sound design.

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